About Delco

About The company
Delco importers Ltd. is a young and dynamic company founded at 2009 with an extensive experience and seniority in tools.
The Company is a Customer-focused company, imports, distributes and serves the technical and industrial sector in Israel.
The company markets a broad product line of power and rechargable tools and offer leading world brands which includes one of the largest lines of complementary accessories in the market.
The company's vision:
Supply a wide range of power and rechargable tools and accessories of leading world brands for all industries, including construction, metal, wood and electricity.
Company's products are marketed through hundreds of distribution points throughout the country with an emphasis on high quality, efficient service, competitive price and user satisfaction.
The company has about 25 employees including brand marketing manager, customer service personnel and administration, sales managers and management, whicheach one of them focused on customer satisfaction.
The company has a professional service laboratory and has rich experience in repairing all types of power tools that provides daily service and fast solution for each repair and any application for users all across the country.
Top Brands imported and distributed by the company are:
 American brand, No. 1 brand in the US proffesional power tools and accessories market .
 Existence since 1924 and has a range of more than 500 power and rechargable tools.
 Two-years warranty.
Germany.  Power and rechargable tools since 1898, German quality for  professional tradsmans.
1-Year warranty.
American brand with a range of DIY gardening power tools and petrol driven tools
Germany's leading brand in the field of industrial electric mixers, manual and stationary.
US giant of measuring tools and levels for the building trade, such as lasers, hand level, water levels and other measuring devices.
Always at your service,
Delco importers Ltd.
Phone: 08-6992777
Fax: 08-9322999
Mail address: PO Box 13124 Yavne .
You can send an email through the website - Contact Us form.